Dear Friend and Families,

June 27, 2020

Dear Families and Friends,

Our world has certainly changed in so many ways!  Our vocabulary now includes phrases like “new normal” and “social distancing.”   What has not changed, are the needs in our community and Options & Advocacy’s dedication to help meet those needs.

Like all of you, we have shifted into some new ways of doing things.   We rely more than ever on virtual visits via Zoom and other platforms.   We now have a YouTube channel that includes different training opportunities for families and fun stuff for kids – like story times and dance parties.  Our CFC playgroups are now on Facebook.  We have Instagram and Pinterest and of our Options & Advocacy Facebook page. Our support groups have greater attendance than ever before.  I am so excited and proud of what our amazing staff members have done in this time.   Our Child & Family Connections program has made many modifications to support the safety of our families and the development of their little ones.  Our HUG program has been conducting virtual visits and has created some amazing Group Connections opportunities.  Our ARC program, is busier than ever and doing some incredible advocacy on behalf of our individuals who have an autism diagnosis.

We are developing our action steps for transition as our community moves into the next phases of “re-entry”. We will comply with all of the guidelines for in-person services with the primary goal of safety for you and for our staff members.

Families with children and adults who have developmental challenges are well acquainted with adversity.  We face it each and every day in unique and individual ways.  This pandemic has magnified that adversity tenfold.  I can tell you that it has been very difficult for me personally as I see what is happening in our country.  The other side of that, is that I have seen the character of people like you – being there for your families and your community.  We are not yet through this experience.  However, I know that there is always hope.  There is always gratitude.  We have much to be grateful for.

Wear your masks!  Remember to laugh!  Find ways to feed your soul and keep up hope!

We will see you soon –

Cindy Sullivan

Executive Director

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