Spring is life,
Spring is hope,
So is love and happiness…..
-Archie Greenridge

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter…. these are things that give me hope! I encourage you to shake off those winter blues and go outside. Bundle up the kids and go to the park or a forest preserve. Even a walk around the block will boost the spirit. Turn off the television (and the political ads) for just one hour a day. You’ll quickly see a difference in your mood and perspective.

I’m encouraging you to take care of yourself and just a few minutes a day can truly impact that. Pause in your daily activities to look around you, smile at someone at the store, and hear the birds as they are heralding spring, and talk to a neighbor you haven’t seen much over the winter….

It’s an election year and we are being bombarded with “messaging.” Try taking control of that and research candidates or even calling them to see what their positions are on the issues that are most important to you and your family. Start with those running for local offices including the County Board. Taking control of any situation usually results in a reduction of stress. As my son used to say, “Mom, let’s do something!”

Let us all do something to make ourselves a little happier and our world a little better.
Spring forward!



Cindy Sullivan

Executive Director